What we do

Our objective is to understand both, the role that socio-economic circumstances play in the seeking of abortion and abortion-related services in Zambia, and the costs of safe and unsafe abortion for women, their households, families and friends and the health system.

Our work has enabled us to:

  • estimate and compare the socio-economic implications of safe abortion and post abortion care for women and their households
  • understand how and why safe abortion services are not used more fully

Our work answers the following questions:

  1. What are the indirect and direct socio-economic costs of safe abortion compared to hospital-based care following an unsafe abortion for women and their households?
  2. What role does poverty play in different pregnancy termination trajectories?
  3. What are the social benefits and costs of using legal safe abortion services compared to informal and/or unsafe abortion methods?
  4. Why is the investment in safe abortion services in Zambia not fully used by girls and women seeking to terminate a pregnancy?
    We are committed to disseminating our findings and supporting their use to improve the health of girls and women

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